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Infrastructure Support

What is Infrastructure Support?

ServIT’s Infrastructure Support is a turn-key solution to managing your infrastructure, software, messaging, and security. We combine many of our All Inclusive offerings into a bundled solution that creates enterprise level IT support for your company.  We proactively monitor the real time health of your servers, switches, wireless access points, and wide area network connections, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ServIT utilizes several comprehensive tools to provide monitoring, diagnosis, and management of all critical infrastructure elements.

Powered by the powerful Kaspersky Labs antivirus engine, our Antivirus for Windows workstations and servers provides complete endpoint protection from dangerous attacks and malicious software all managed from the central Kaseya web-based console.
Customer networks face a variety of threats day in and day out. Some of those threats require a specialized tool to identify, analyze, and remediate. ServIT Antimalware, powered by Malwarebytes, is an effective anti-malware application that protects your equipment.
Audits and Inventory
Having good data at your fingertips means that you can make better decisions, give better answers, and have a better understanding of the current state of your endpoints. ServIT's Network Audit can grab every piece of useful data from your managed machines.
Desktop Migration
ServIT's Desktop Migration allows admins to schedule regular backups of settings and to collectively migrate settings to groups of users without touching any machines directly. ServIT can restore or migrate users with ease and with speed.
Endpoint Security
Security in today's IT infrastructure is more about layers then about single points of defense. Protecting the outer layer of your network, your endpoints, can be absolutely critical. Endpoint protection starts with a strong Endpoint Security and malware detection and prevention engine.
Imaging Deployment
ServIT can manage multiple images of your data. Instead of having a single image to fall back on, ServIT can manage multiple instances of your image based on varying time-points - making it easy to restore to any point in which you need.
Mobile Device Management
Organizations are increasingly finding their users accessing email, files and applications on smartphones and tablets, requiring them to extend robust IT systems management policies to mobile devices.
Network Monitoring
The number of users that run into a problem on critical systems increases exponentially with time. Early warning allows for user notification and redundancy measures. Automatic resolution potentially eliminates any user downtime.
Patch Management
ServIT Patch Management Software automatically keep servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest important security patches and software updates.
Directory Services
ServIT Active Directory Services automatically detects distributed systems and synchs itself with one or more Active Directory domains, centralizing user contact information and computer management data


Today’s business environment is making users more mobile than ever before—and they’re taking their systems with them. This is great for productivity and business agility, but for the IT department, it can be a management nightmare. The man-hours required to deploy antivirus solutions and continually monitor and protect increasingly distributed systems can be overwhelming as administrators “chase” mobile systems that log on from remote facilities, the local coffee shop and home offices. IT process and standardization becomes critical as each machine needs to be validated, checked for malicious software and cleansed as it joins the network. Even something as simple as discovery becomes vital to maintaining the health of your IT environment.

Proactive Endpoint Security Strategy

ServIT’s Antivirus solution allows you to implement a proactive yet efficient strategy for protecting your organization’s distributed systems and corporate network from malicious security threats. Based on Kaspersky Labs Anti-virus 6 for Windows workstation and for File Servers (MP4), ServIT ensures that every desktop, laptop and server is under continuous and robust virus protection and is in compliance of all IT policies and regulations while saving you time and IT resources.

Automated Security

ServIT’s Antivirus module scans all files that are launched, opened or modified and then disinfects or deletes all infected files. At the same time, the module proactively and predicatively analyzes user behavior for potential risks as it monitors web traffic and email. It includes the industry’s fastest virus signature release cycle, ensuring that threats are detected quickly before they spread throughout your environment

Profile ConfigurationServIT Antivirus provides the flexibility for defining options that can be applied to a single device or group of devices.
AlertsKey events are logged for easy monitoring and alerting: - Virus Definition Updates - Scans (started,completed, failed) - Detection's (threats detected, threats remediated)
SchedulingServIT can schedule any aspect of your virus protection. We can include or exclude specific days of the week, specify start times, exclude machines that are off-line, and schedule virus definition updates to be performed manually or automatically
Custom Security LevelsWith multiple users and employees, many organizations see the need to have different safeguards in place. ServIT can customize security levels for groups of machines or users.


Malware is more than just a security threat. It’s a nuisance. Unwanted software saps systems’ memory and network bandwidth, slowing down the performance of legitimate applications. As a result, organizations
can’t get the performance they need out of their desktops, laptops and servers, affecting the availability of business tools and users’ ability to get their job done.

Don’t be Content with Identification, Look for Remediation

ServIT integrates the industry leading MalwareBytes anti-malware solution. Our anti-malware solution picks up where the anti-virus solution leaves off by providing powerful yet efficient malware protection and  system clean-up tools.

Eliminate Security Threats While Improving Productivity

Malware and spyware are a serious security threat to any organization, but it can also cause major performance and productivity issues. ServIT combines prevention, identification and remediation to make a complete anti-malware solution that reduces the risk of security threats while improving operational and IT productivity.

MalwarebytesServIT utilizes the industry standard Malwarebytes Corporate Edition v1.5 engine. All Administrative tasks such as configuration, updates, and deployment are handled by ServIT from our location
Profile ConfigurationServIT allows you the flexibility of defining options for single devices or groups of devices, such as: - Scan Options - Auto-Deletion of Suspicious objects - Application and Website Blocking
Scheduled or unscheduled scansServIT can schedule any aspect of your malware protection. We can include or exclude specific days of the week, specify start times, exclude machines that are off-line, and perform unscheduled scans of your devices.

Audits and Inventory

You and your team may manage multiple computers and perhaps in many locations. Quite often whoever fills the IT role is expected to know each machine by name and category and to be able to provide per-department IT costing and inventory information. If your network has more than 20 machines, managing those machines can become very difficult. IT professionals faced with the challenges of tracking IT resources would benefit from a complete hardware inventory and software inventory of the servers, workstations, and mobile computers on every network.

ServIT’s Audit and Inventory is a core feature of our Infrastructure Management solution. With our Network Audit and Inventory, knowing and tracking every system and software detail becomes simple, efficient, and reliable no matter where the machine is located.

Inventory of your Software

Supporting multiple versions of applications can be very difficult and very expensive. Using ServIT’s Audit you can now know what versions of individual applications are installed and where. Knowing detailed information will help improve your productivity and decrease costs in the long-run.

Software Inventory Information
• Application executable name• Software Description
• Software Versions• Software Manufacturers
• Software Product Names• Software Directory Paths
• Software File Sizes• Last Modified Dates

Agent-Based Hardware Inventory

The agent-based architecture of ServIT’s Infrastructure Management adds greater value than domain-bound technology. Domain-based and so-called agent-less technologies are useful in a single network where all resources are directly visible on the corporate LAN/WAN. ServIT’s agent is lightweight and forms its own, completely secure TCP connection with the server; without the need for address management, implementation of port mapping schemes at each site or the establishment of cumbersome VPNs to all the sites.

Hardware Inventory Information
• Manufacturers• Chassis Type
• Bus Speeds• Onboard Device Listings
• Max Memory Size and Slots• System Versions
• Processor Family, maker, max/current speed• Serial Numbers or Service Tags
• System Model• Motherboard maker, version, serial number
• Memory Installed vs. slots• Ports (numbers, type)

Other benefits of infrastructure audits and inventory

Unfortunately, many IT professionals end up having one system for inventory, another for remote access, or even a separate system just for chassis or serial number tracking.  ServIT’s Auditing system can help create a consolidated snapshot of your infrastructure and can include detailed information such as:

  • Discover, install, and audit new systems
  • Deploy system configuration templates
  • Log any hardware, software, or system changes
  • Alerts when changes are made to systems
  • Report on current hardware and software statistic
  • Pinpoint failures by manufacturer and model
  • Review changes against the baseline
  • IP Information
  • DNS/DHCP server information
  • Disk Volume Information
  • PCI and Drive hardware information
  • CPU and RAM information
  • Printer information with Name, Port, and Model

Desktop Migration

If you’ve been doing IT for a while, chances are you’ve been asked to do the classic waterfall upgrade. The CEO get’s a new laptop, so his 6 month old machine get’s passed to a VP, who’s laptop gets passed to a Director, and so on down the line. Have you been asked to do a network-wide upgrade to Windows 7? Migrating users from one machine to the other or even one OS to another can be time consuming and painful. ServIT’s Desktop Migration allows moving users between machines can become an easy, centrally managed task.

With Desktop Migration, ServIT can specify which system settings, applications settings, and files should be backed up. Different settings profiles can be created and applied to any machine or machine group. Systems settings include windows OS settings such as Desktop shortcuts, Screen saver, and wallpaper. Application settings include parameters from Microsoft Office Suite settings, Adobe Acrobat, Blackberry Desktop, Firefox, and Skype. Files can be backed up and/or excluded based on file name, folder name or even File Types.

Quantify upgrades and readiness

ServIT’s Desktop Migration Readiness is a component that allows us to quantify in dollar amounts what the cost is to upgrade an environment. The admin can specify the cost per GB for storage, RAM, and CPU, and see a Migration Readiness Summary that outlines costs for migration per machine. The readiness report also looks at things like when the last machine backup was completed as a factor in migration readiness.

Endpoint Security

Security in today’s IT infrastructure is more about layers then about single points of defense. Protecting the outer layer of your network, your endpoints, can be absolutely critical. Endpoint protection starts with a strong Endpoint Security and malware detection and prevention engine.

With these challenges, how do you know if your endpoints are secure? Does every site need a local update server? Have you ever seen machines on the network but been unable to verify definitions, or scan status? What if you can’t get your AV vendor’s management system to push out the latest updates or version?

Email ScannerChecks incoming and outgoing mail by using plug-ins designed for the most frequently used e-mail programs. The E-mail Scanner is an additional program for electronic mail monitoring and is designed for applications supporting the POP3/SMTP protocols. Once detected, viruses are cleaned or quarantined. Some e-mail clients may support messages with text certifying that sent and received e-mail has been scanned for viruses.
Real-Time ProtectionScans files as they are copied, opened or saved. When the Real Time Protection discovers a virus in a file that is accessed, it stops the operation currently being performed and does not allow the virus to activate itself. The Real Time Protection, loaded in the memory of the computer during system startup, also provides vital protection for the system areas of the computer.
On-Demand ScansScanning is a crucial part of ServIT's Endpoint Security functionality. Scans can be run on-demand or scheduled to run periodically at convenient times. ServIT's Endpoint Security comes with pre-defined security profiles along with the ability to create custom profiles.
Anti-SpywareSpyware is usually defined as a type of malware (software that gathers information from a computer without the user's knowledge or consent). Spyware applications may intentionally or unintentionally installed and often contain advertisements, window pop-ups or different types of unpleasant software. The most important protection is to use an always-on background scanner, such as the cutting edge ServIT's Spyware component. It works like a resident shield and scans applications in the background as they run.
Virus DetectionThe Scanning engine ServIT implements has received numerous awards for its excellent detection of “in the wild” viruses, including the VB100% award. Its unique combination of detection methods provides full protection against viruses, worms and trojans.

Protection from Viruses, Worms, and Trojans

Our Endpoint Security will analyze and detect unwanted executable applications or DLL libraries within the system that may be spyware, adware etc. Based upon the security profile, ServIT’s Endpoint Security will remove these programs or block access to them.

Automate and Get Ahead

IT automation is the key for transitioning from a reactive environment to a proactive, results based IT department. ServIT provides unparalleled automation of periodic IT tasks required to manage and maintain your systems and devices.

Imaging Deployment

Have a configuration problem that you can’t solve quickly? The investment of time required to solve complex one-off problems on individual machines is no longer time or cost justifiable. Managing and deploying stock images has become a central part of most IT organization’s machine management strategy. These hard drive images resolve the issue by enabling these machines to always be brought back to a known state with a defined, automatable set of steps.

Image management has become the next problem. With some solutions, deploying each image has been somewhat manual. It includes having a custom CD or USB drive to boot the machine, installing the new agent, and then going back to the main console to push the images out to that machine. This required administrators to walk around to each machine, sometimes waiting at each machine for the step to complete.

ServIT’s Image Deployment offers a “set and forget” style of managing hard disk image deployments in your organization.

Save Time and Money

Spend less wasted time troubleshooting single machine configuration problems or virus outbreaks by just reimaging the machine back to a known state and restore the user documents from backup.

Benefits of ServIT's Image Management and Deployment
• A "Golden Master" image is created and periodically updated to a local image repository
• Images can be pushed out per a schedule using multicast deployments - and allowing machines to be awakened during off-hours
• Streamline the process of deployment of operating systems to bare metal machines
• Manage computer lab environments with scheduled "machine refreshes" to return lab machines back to a known state
• On-board and setup new machines by simply connecting them to the network

Mobile Device Management

Keeping track of, protecting and updating mobile devices requires visibility into wide-reaching cellular networks that are off-limits to most administrators. But the reality exists. As users continue to access business data and applications on their mobile devices organizations will need to find a way to manage those devices for business continuity, accessibility and security reasons.

We can gain visibility into your mobile device network

Due to the unique architecture of cellular netwoks and proprietary hardware platforms, ServIT utilizes agents to get complete hardware and software visibility of your device network – including serial number, operating system, firmware status, installed applications and other inventory data. The proprietary nature of cellular networks and mobile devices requires ServIT’s agent to be more autonomous, saving bandwidth and ensuring executions are completed when the device isn’t logged onto a network.

Features of Mobile Device Management
• Contact information backups
• Restoring of Contact Data
• Device Wipe - in event of stole on lost hardware
• Remote Phone Locking
• Report phone location
• Automated email configurations

Treat mobile devices as computers, not souped-up phones

ServIT extends robust IT policies to mobile devices by treating them as computers rather than souped-up cellular phones. These systems are getting more powerful every production cycle, and in many organizations they are starting to replace desktops and laptops at all levels of the company. It is important that this next generation of computing devices is maintained, updated, secured and protected at the same level as last generation devices.

Network Monitoring

The number of users that run into a problem on critical systems increases exponentially with time. Early warning allows for user notification and redundancy measures. Automatic resolution potentially eliminates any user downtime.

ServIT’s Network Monitor includes the basics for monitoring all aspects of network connected devices beginning with the performance monitoring: Network bandwidth, CPU, disk, and memory utilization. On Windows platforms, both Windows performance registry counters and WMI queries are available.

Types of Monitors
File and Directory MonitoringMonitors if a file exists, how many files there are in a directory, if the total content of a directory is growing or check if new files are added on a schedule.
Log MonitoringTriggers notifications and other actions when a log message is encountered that matches a pre-defined filter. Windows event log, Linux/Unix syslog and text log files are supported.
Database MonitoringSupports monitoring Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and a generic ODBC monitor for use with other DBMS. All of the monitors can perform a SQL query as well as additional performance monitoring specific to each DBMS.
SNMP Trap MonitorHas advanced filtering capabilities and alarm conditions can be setup to respond to specific properties of the received trap. There is also the SNMP query monitor that can poll specified OID’s, perform a simple calculation, and compare the result with a specified value
VMWare MonitorUtilizes the native VMWare APIs to query key host metics. Supports most performance counters objects, such as hosts, datastores, and virtualstores.
Mail Quality of Service MonitorMakes it possible to can test the ability of a mail server to send and receive mail. Statistics about round trip time, time to send and login time is stored.

Patch Management

ServIT’s Patch Management automatically keep servers, workstations and remote computers up-to-date with the latest important security patches and software updates. IT Professionals know that when their network is at risk, the organization is at risk. It is a challenging task to keep up with and apply security or software updates within the IT infrastructure. Especially if the networks span multiple locations, include multiple domains, traverse multiple firewalls, and include remote and home users.

From simple fully automated software patch deployment to script based automation for a customized deployment, ServIT delivers a secure and comprehensive patch management solution to help keep security holes closed and applications updated.

Automatic and Recurring Patch Scans
• Scheduled or Ad-Hoc Deployment
• Scans networks for installed and missing security patches
• Detection of vulnerability
• Determine which patches are needed
• By computer, group or user defined collections of computers
• Eliminates tedious process of researching
• Identifies which patches are installed and date installed
• Monitors and maintains patch compliance for entire enterprise


There are times when patches get installed and have unintended impact on software installed. The Rollback ability removes patches after they have been installed on a system. Not all patches may be uninstalled, but the system only lists patches supporting the rollback feature.

Cancel Updates

Cancel scheduled patch installations scheduled from the Machine Update or the Patch Update pages. Terminate a currently running patch installation process on an individual machine. We can also terminate currently running patch installation processes.