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Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

ServIT hosts and manages your email so you can keep your eye on your business and save a bundle in the process. Our high-quality Hosted Exchange can be customized to fit your needs – with archiving, security, mobile access, and secure IM – all on an easy-to-use management console. We sweat the details so you can concentrate on your business, while saving money every day.

Our Hosted Exchange is not just email. It is communications coordination at its finest, without sacrifice. It offers built-in protective technologies to reduce spam and viruses, enables confidential communications, and helps your company stay compliant with any legal or professional regulations. You can easily share contacts and calendars, and send secure emails to each other and clients, from anywhere, at any time. It’s the complete package, both powerful and easy to use, and worlds ahead of the competition.


Business administrators and IT departments need to have flexibility when it comes to their email environments. Our hosted exchange service provides you the tools and functionality while eliminating additional maintenance on a hosted exchange server at your location – freeing up time and your company resources.

More Control

Maintain complete control over your administrative exchange functions from adding/deleting users to enabling archiving and Mobility services. Our flexible solutions put you in total control of your communications needs.

• Web-Management console for easy access to your most critical needs
• Easily add, change, and delete mailboxes, contacts, or groups
• Quickly create, change, and delete public folders
• Simply activate, manage, and delete mobile devices
• Allocate storage among multiple users

More Options

Customize your e-mail service to fit your exact needs. Our options include email archiving, backup, encryption and compliance, mobile device synchronization, enhanced communication services such as web conferencing, and IM via OCS.

• Web-Management console for easy access to your most critical needs
• Easily add, change, and delete mailboxes, contacts, or groups
• Quickly create, change, and delete public folders
• Simply activate, manage, and delete mobile devices
• Allocate storage among multiple users


In business, time is money, both for your company and for your customers. When employees are on the road, or away from their desk, e-mails may go unnoticed for hours at a time. Can you afford to ignore your clients when they have a pressing need? Or if someone really wants to purchase your product, do you want them to have to wait for a salesperson to get to their desk? Our Mobile Sync Service enables instant emails via mobile devices and  synchronizes your contracts, calendars, tasks, and notes.

iPhone and Android

Regardless of where you are, you can use your iPhone or Android to stay in touch with your CytexOne Hosted Exchange email service. Instantaneous communications means no more delayed responses to customer questions, faster sales and purchasing queues, and a more efficient and productive staff.

Active Sync
Windows ActiveSync allows you to synchronize and update your emails, contacts, calenders, and notes all from your mobile device.

• ActiveSync gives your iPhone or Android instant, synchronized access to your Outlook e-mail, calendars, and contacts. You can compose, send, receive, and reply to e-mail wherever you are.
• View email attachments on the fly
• “Push technology” means no need to “Get” email; Your e-mail finds you
• 128-bit SSL encryption
• Remote device wipe protects your data and your business if your phone is lost or stolen


Take care of all your email needs, whether you’re in the airport, riding in a taxi, or waiting for the meeting to start. Messages read on your BlackBerry are marked as read in your desktop or laptop. When you reply to a message on your Blackberry, it’s immediately marked as replied to on your desktop or laptop. It also automatically synchronizes your Outlook or Entourage calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes instantly. We offer all BlackBerry Enterprise Server versions, including BES 5 and the latest Express Editions.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express
Our BlackBerry Enterprise Server allows wireless synchronization of your email, contacts, calender, notes, and to-do’s on your BlackBerry.  The service runs on BIS account service with 35+ years of IT security policies, remote file access, advanced calender functionality, and attachment viewing/editing.  The BES Express service also includes Remote wiping, locking, and provisioning and BlackBerry wireless device updates.

• Instant wireless synchronization of email, calendars, tasks, and address books — what you create on your BlackBerry appears in your desktop or laptop Outlook or OWA
• Full email reconciliation including “read,” “deleted,” and “sent” item syncing
• 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for SSL
• Receive and read attachments for most MS Office and graphic file formats
• Full implementation team support for account set-up


Most businesses have critically important information on their computers, such as financial documents and email. Unfortunately, computers are vulnerable to hardware failures such as hard drive crashes and virus attacks which corrupt or erase your crucial files in an instant. A Price Waterhouse Coopers survey calculated that a single incident of data loss costs businesses an average of $10,000.


When it comes to protecting your e-mail, we go beyond the call. ServIT’s standard anti-spam service is included with our Hosted Exchange packages. If your e-mail contains any sensitive information, we have powerful options to ensure you are fully protected. We’ve partnered with McAfee and Postini for best-of-breed selections.

• Inbound and Outbound spam and virus filtering
• Multi-Language Filter
• Triple Virus & Worm Scanning
• Content and Attachment Filtering
• Email Attack and Fraud Protection
• Advanced Administrative and Reporting Portal
• Sophisticated 7-day Quarantine Managment
• Around-the-Clock monitoring


E-mail is the leading form of business communication, growing by 42% annually. The ability to retrieve your e-mails gives you critical business and legal protection. ServIT helps you store, manage and monitor e-mail data in a structured, and auditable manner. Archiving is the first and most popular line of defense to protect your company from the legal and operational consequences of losing valuable information.

• Hosted message archiving (up to 10 year retention)
• Archive, search, export, storage, and audit reports
• Individual access to personal archive for end users
• Real-time data
• Optional message consolidation


SharePoint 2010 is a powerful platform for building shared document stores, corporate Intranets, and project-specific websites. There is no hardware or software to manage, and it is accessible anytime and anywhere you are through a web browser. Businesses of any size can leverage SharePoint for building corporate portals and Intranets, and shared document repositories to increase collaboration within a company and between a company and its partners, vendors and customers. With SharePoint, you can share documents, calendars, contacts, links, ideas and more, without wasting time exchanging inefficient e-mails.

• Team Workspace Web environments for tasks, projects, or documents, such as a product launch, a company rebranding effort, or a new customer
• Meeting Workspace sites to enable team members to manage meetings and documents by using Web parts (page components), lists, and document libraries.
• Discussion boards and surveys
• Notifications and Alerts
• Document sharing and picture libraries
• Announcements, Events, Task and Contact lists
• Administration tools and site usage tracking

Included with our Exchange Premium Program

Email and collaboration are essential in everyday business.  Our Exchange Premium program includes SharePoint access for your convenience.  Instead of investing time and money in your own SharePoint servers or collaborating with a third-party product – your company can get the best of both worlds in a single offer at ServIT.